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YA 300/500hr RYT

300Hour RYT Students

Yoga Alliance 300/500 RYT Teacher Training

When you know the answer isn’t doing more of what you already do. This program targets two key issues facing experienced teachers: Burn-out and lack of opportunities other than teaching.

Mona Ceniceros and Candy Bell

Co-Directors, Mona Ceniceros, MS and Candy Bell, MS

This course merges the practices and principles of leadership with a return to the student role for experienced yoga teachers ready for the next step. First, in Retreat we return to yoga’s imperative for wellness. What follows is weekend intensives of accelerated learning at Sun Moon Yoga. After processing, each participant creates a Leadership Practicum Project.

Sun Moon Yoga’s program is unique from others in that the focus of the training is not therapeutic yoga.  Our participants walk the path of creating their own yoga workshops, programs and events; learning how to market, and evaluate them.  Also recommended for teachers whose interest is in stepping up from teacher to Program Director or Teacher Trainer.

About the Theme:
This course fuses the power of wellness and self-care with principles of leadership to create a unique advanced-level experience for teachers.

This training is open to 200hour teachers of any Yoga Alliance School. Upon completion of this course you are eligible to become RYT 500.

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  • Full Amount $3,600
  • Retreat Cost $600
  • Following Retreat participants owe a half-payment of $1,500, due November 1, 2018.  Second payment due by May 1, 2019.

Payment Options:

  • Cash
  • Mail check to Sun Moon Yoga Studios, 635 S. Front St, Mankato, MN 56001
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Credit toward 500hour.

To Register:

Retreat: $600


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Pricing does not include accommodations during the training in Mankato:

Wellness & Leadership 2017/2018 Calendar

2016 300Hr Yoga Teachers Retreat Participants

2017 Ingathering • Yoga Teachers Wellness Retreat


Lesson One — Wellness is Essential/Retreat
15 CECs; $600 paid toward W&L registration

Yoga Out of the Box

November 8-11, 2018 (Thurs–Sun)

Sun Moon Yoga, Mankato

Lesson Two — Yoga Leaders Innovate
Leader: Mona Ceniceros, MS; E-500RYT

Four days at Sun Moon Yoga in Mankato with owner Mona Ceniceros as she shares her passion for getting yoga out of the box, or at least off the mat! The current fitness industry view of yoga as a group exercise experience limits potential. Take class planning, sequencing, cueing to the next level with vertical strength, and special population classes. Experience and understand the value of Chair Yoga, Wall Yoga and Yoga on the Table. Leave with your head buzzing with creative energy and your heart wide open at the potential to offer a successful yoga experience to those who are unable to fit in the yoga class box. And also, to give your students who love strength training some exciting vertical challenges!

10 CECs

Mona Ceniceros and Candy Bell

Your first creative yoga project!

December 2018–January 2019

Lesson Three — Yoga Leaders Create
Leaders: You! Independent Project
Participants will be provided criteria, technology direction and support to sent video samples of Wall, Table or Chair sessions using material from Yoga-Out-of-the-Box (Leaders innovate) to Co-Directors Mona Ceniceros and Candy Bell.

Leadership Practicum I: Envision Yoga dreams!

February 23–24, 2019 (Sat.–Sun.)

Lesson Four – Entrepreneurship + Radical Wellness
Leaders: Mona Ceniceros; Presenter Jes Rosenberg

Yoga is ultimately a personal journey of leadership in our own lives. On the bedrock of yogic studies (Yamas and Niyamas; Yoga Sutras) and practices we layer discussions on: The process for creative development, inspiration, motivation, intuition, building resilience in mind, body and spirit. We will explore the aspects of leadership, emotional IQ, intuition, creativity. Projects will vary from a personal transformation plan to a tangible, marketable product/program. Expect: Brainstorming, heart opening, perspective shifting, idea triggering, mind-blowing discussions, yogic activities, and of COURSE, asana.

Next Level Pranayama

March 10–11, 2018 (Sat.–Sun.)

Lesson Five — Wellness begins with Breath
Leader: Candy Bell, MS; E-200RYT

The Breath carries the asana as the wind carries the sail. The breath is the inspiration for the asana to become to deepen and fulfilled.  Through the study and practice of: Witnessing the Breath, Sama Vritti, Dirgha Pranayama, Two to One Breath, Ujjayii, Kapalbhati and Nadi Shodhana – students will become skillful developing and teaching a stand alone Pranayama Practice for Beginner and Intermediate/advanced yoga students.  Teachers will become more confident using pranayama techniques in their own personal practice and in their teaching.

Also available as a standalone workshop for students not taking 300Hr training.



Contact Mona Ceniceros to register. Non-refundable unless cancellation is due to weather. May be transferred to another student.

Mary Margaret Anderson

Get Quiet, Be Still, Be

April 21–22, 2018 (Sat.–Sun.)

Lesson Six — Meditate for Wellness & Leadership
Leader/Guest Faculty: Mary Margaret Anderson, yogamn 

Open to all yoga students and teachers. Exploring the topic of Meditation, with one of our region’s most enthusiastic and caring teachers.  Over two days, opportunities to sit and experience various techniques are interspersed with discussions around meditation, from ancient styles (Vipassana) to currently recognized techniques such as MBSR (Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction).  Mary shares a variety of readings, meditative and active activities designed to support developing or enriching your meditation practice, or to share with students in your yoga classes.

Guest faculty Mary Margaret Anderson Fay, owner of yogastudio in Plymouth, has been a leader in the Minneapolis Yoga community since opening the very first hot yoga studio in the state, as well as pioneering Laughter Yoga and creating the ultimate class for reticent beginners, “Pig’s Fly Yoga.”  Her meditation training includes a variety of experiences including MBSR studies.

Also available as a standalone workshop for students not taking 300Hr training.



Contact Mona Ceniceros to register. Non-refundable unless cancellation is due to weather. May be transferred to another student.

YogaCare Director Certification

May 5–6, 2018 (Sat.–Sun.)

Lesson Seven – Yoga Program Director & trainer skills
Leaders: Mona Ceniceros, MS; Molly Mayer, OT 

Yoga teachers Mona Ceniceros and Molly Mayer combine perspectives on this weekend around the topics of inclusivity, diversity and special populations classes.  Occupational Therapist Molly will present on Yoga for Chronic Pain, Anxiety and Depression.  Mona will present YogaCare, a unique program design for classes that integrate, instead of separate, Special Populations in yoga classes. YogaCare discussions cover Program Director topics: Team teaching, mentoring, training and supporting new teachers.  Long-range program planning and teacher development. Participants will receive a YogaCare Program Director Certificate, and 10 CEC’s.

Also available as a standalone workshop for students not taking 300Hr training.



Contact Mona Ceniceros to register. Non-refundable unless cancellation is due to weather. May be transferred to another student.

Next Level Vinyasa

June 15–17, 2018 (Fri.–Sun.)

Lesson Eight – The Art & Science of Dynamic Flow
Leader: Mona Ceniceros, MS 

Students will design advanced dynamic vinyasa flow sequences through the study of yoga poses as they affect the physiology of the body.  Students will demonstrate sequence designs that target identified physiological effects.

Also available as a standalone workshop for students not taking 300Hr training.



Contact Mona Ceniceros to register. Non-refundable unless cancellation is due to weather. May be transferred to another student.

Practicum II Leadership Projects Presented

July 27–28, 2019 (Sat.–Sun.)

Lesson Nine — Leadership is Sharing Ourselves
Leader: You! Leadership Project Presentations

We are honored to witness our fellow participants gifts emerge and paths unfold,  On this weekend, program participants present in detail the Leadership Project they have created, their hopes and dreams and what they’ve learned along the way.

Mona Ceniceros and Candy Bell

To Be Human: Global Anatomy

August 9-11, 2019 (Fri.–Sun.)

Lesson Ten — Humanity for Wellness & Leadership
Leaders: Mona Ceniceros, MS;  and Candy Bell, MS

Historical yogic views of the human body (chakras, nadis, bandhas, energy meridians) are discussed in relationship to current research from contemporary neuroscience, exercise science, and medicine. Activities include Thai Yoga Massage and Graduation celebration.



We are a Yoga Alliance 300hour Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) program; licensed by the State of Minnesota Office of Higher Education.

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