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THANK YOU to guest student, Miriam, for sharing
her experience of Sun Moon with Mona!

“This past Monday and Tuesday morning I attended yoga classes at your studio as a drop-in guest from Massachusetts. I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed the classes, the studio, and the warm welcome I received from both instructors and students.

“My first class was with Fred who welcomed me and made sure to remember my name in a class of regulars. The students too, were gracious in welcoming me even when I asked to have the fan moved — nobody objected and we quickly divided into the ‘I love the fan blowing on me camp’ and the ‘keep it away camp’ with ease and laughter. After class, I was invited out for coffee with the group. I’ve been attending yoga classes for quite some time now and this has never happened to me before! In fact it usually takes months before people learn each others’ names.

“I was excited to come back the next day and was rewarded for my efforts when I took a class with you. What a treat! I learned so much about alignment; especially in Warrior II. When I'm back in Mankato, I’ll be sure to drop in again.”
Namaste, Miriam

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