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May 18/19
Sun Moon Teacher Training Alumni Spring Sampler!
$150 (3 workshops)
Guest Presenter: Tara Cindy Sherman


All past graduates of Sun Moon Yoga Study/teacher trainings are invited for a spirited Spring fling! Mona has invited long-time yoga connection Tara Cindy Sherman to share her gift of reminding teachers of our connection to the divine energy of yoga.  Escape for a deeply restful Friday night. Get a new Vinyasa perspective Saturday morning- learn from Cindy, she’s so cool. Lunch!  Followed by Yoga Nidra, rest and digest.  Self-care, new friends! Tend and befriend.  See you there?  To Register: Contact Mona at


Day/Time: May 18/Friday • 7–9:30pm
Title: Candlelight Yin Yoga  (2.5 CECs)
Description:  Quiet time, deep stretching with lots of bolsters!  Teachers, this is YOUR time to let go. Yin Yoga stretches connective tissue, brings suppleness to the physical body while it “juices” joints, creating ease and range of movement. During stillness of longer held postures in Yin Yoga the life force moves from the surface of the outer body and pools and grows stronger in the inner body.


Day/Time: May 19/Saturday • 8:30am–12:30pm
Title: Radiant Shakti Flow (Vinyasa/4 CECs)
Description: Experience Radiant Shakti Flow! Followed by a discussion about teaching Vinyasa. Radiant Shakti Flow combines creative movement, flowing yoga warm ups, ritual, chanting, goddess philosophy, meditation and yoga nidra in a practice designed to invoke and celebrate the creative feminine energy. In Tantra this energy is known as Shakti. Shakti is the “juice” alive in everything we think, see, feel, taste and know. This workshop will focus on the shakti of Kali to empower, change and evolve.

12:30 to 1:30pm LUNCH


Day/Time: May 19/Saturday • 1:30–4pm
Title: Yoga Nidra (2.5 CECs)
Description: Yoga Nidra, “sleep of the yogi”, is a tantric form of meditation that is practiced lying down. It is designed to move us inward through layers and levels of being to access deep relaxation and inner peace. Facilitated guided relaxation systematically eases tensions; we release thoughts and feelings and access greater degrees of intuition and bliss. From this deep space we plant “thought seeds” an affirmation, intention or resolve.

4pm – You’ll drive home feeling rested, recharged and appreciated for the energy you brought to the circle.


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Refund Policy:
No refunds for prepays, but transferable. If Sun Moon Yoga cancels, 100% refund.

Tara Cindy Sherman


Tara Cindy Sherman of Tree Spirit Yoga, St. Paul, is a 500hr E-RYT. She began teaching in 1993. She has certifications in: Yoga of the Heart (yoga for cancer/cardiac wellness) DansKinetics (yoga dance) Meditation, Nada Yoga (yoga of sound) and Yin Yoga. She teaches hand drumming; practices Kirtan.

Tara Cindy Sherman