2019 PLAN

Moving on down the Road (literally!)

It’s official, we have a new home.

Our Winter Semester Yoga classes will be all the way . . . . (wait for it) . . . (drumroll) – to the other end of the block.  Yup, just seven buildings away, we will be the anchor store, in the back of Union Market (formerly Generations Antiques) in a studio currently being constructed for us.  It’s not architecturally unique like the we’re in now, however, the building is being gutted, then all new construction; and, Antje Meisner Concepts interior design!

Change is scary— even when it’s for the good.  (See my original announcement.)  This change, from a yoga home of 19 years to the unknown, was a change I should have made as a business owner several rent increases ago.  It was hard emotionally.  I want to thank everyone who has kept faith in me, and ESPECIALLY the loyal tribe of Sun Moon Yoga teachers; as we continue our mission to enrich Mankato community health with quality yoga education and classes.

Union Market will provide our students a pleasant environment, for lingering and chatting prior to, and after yoga classes.  Sun Moon Yoga will be a space within a space: Union Market will be well-lighted and security issues have been discussed.

I am delighted to remain on South Front Street, and excited to work with people who want bring this contemporary/collaborative concept to entrepreneurs in Mankato.


Business details:
Current location: Building owner, Derek Fisher;  libertyventuresonline.com.

Union Market:  Building owner, Kyle Smith;  Developer, Coldwell-Banker FIsher Group;  Realtor, Patti Heitkamp;  Marketing Director, Cate De Bates.

For progress updates, visit the Union Market website or their Facebook and Instagram pages below.

Our New Space is Under Construction!