Two New Policies

  1. For increased security we are locking the street doors at the start of yoga classes. Apologies for any inconvenience should you arrive before the teacher for your class-time.
  2. Punchcards now have a six month expiration date.
    Thank you for your support of the studio, our classes and teachers

September 6–December 21 (15 Weeks)

Studio Class Descriptions

(Beginners and Experienced Students)

The perfect de-stress yoga class! Slow stretch, doable strength work and moments of mindfully-paced movement in 70 minutes.

• Mondays, 10 AM
• Tuesdays, 9AM
• Tuesdays, 4PM
• Tuesdays, 5:30PM

(No Experience Needed)
The foundational poses taught in Beginners Yoga are practiced more slowly, in order to modify, use props. This class is for ANY student who appreciates a slower practice. This class is 75 minutes.

• Thursdays, 9AM (No Dec. Classes; $110 for 11 classes)

(No Experience Needed)
All ages, all sizes, all levels of yoga experience combine in a practice emphasizing making individual choices in poses. This is a non-flowing, 75-minute yoga class.

• Wednesdays, 7 PM
• Saturdays, 10AM
• Sundays, 10AM (No Dec. Classes; $120 for 12 classes)

(Experienced or Fit Beginner)
It’s all about the flow as yoga sequences, breathwork and movement increases.Teachers offer modifications and opportunities to adjust intensity. This class is 75 minutes.

• Mondays, 8:30AM
• Wednesdays, 9AM
• Wednesdays, 5:30PM
• Saturdays, 8:30AM

(Experienced or Fit Beginner)
Includes Ashtanga-style Sun Salutations and wide variety of poses and techniques from other styles including Hot Yoga. Class pace, challenge is more intense than Vinyasa classes.  This class is 75 minutes.

• Mondays, 5:30 PM

Registration & Payment

Single Class, Punchcards, Register

All classes same Registration Cost until 9/12 deadline: 15 classes for $150 (except Thursday, Gentle and Sunday, All-Levels with no December classes)

After deadline: Punchcards (10 for $120); and Single Class Drop-ins ($15) welcome.

We have room in all our classes; you may join ANYTIME. Our teachers can help you purchase a Punchcard

Makeup Policy: Registered students save money and sustain our classes — If you miss a Studio Class for which you have pre-paid you may make it up in any other Studio Class until the end of the session

Beginners Radical Wellness for Women Dynamic Flow Vinyasa Ashtanga Primary Series

Dates, costs, policies vary from Studio Classes above.

Fall Yoga


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Our space at the back of Union Market is perfect for classes and special events.  See you on the mat soon!


Our classes are for ADULTS ONLY

  • We offer opportunities to share yoga with your children in Family Yoga Events.
  • Children over age 10 may register with an adult for Beginner’s Series, or attend Happy Hour Yoga classes only.
  • Children must have prior permission of the teacher, in special circumstances, to attend any other class.
Kids Yoga at Sun Moon

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