Our regular $5 drop-in classes are on hiatus until the physical studio opens again.
YOU ARE WELCOME to join us Fridays for VIRTUAL Happy Hour!

April 3–June 5, 2020

Connect with us online to enjoy some all-levels yoga together, while we all stay home. You will join class via Zoom Meeting.

This will be a pay-what-you-are-able donation class.  Visit our Facebook Event page for details and to receive the Zoom Meeting Link.


Online Class Instructions

We will use the zoom.us platform to meet with you for class online.  You may join a class on your computer or mobile device.


  • To join the Zoom class meeting on your laptop, tablet or phone:
    ⁃ Navigate to zoom.us.  Click “Resources”
    ⁃ Phones/Tablets: Click the link to your device’s App Store to download
    ⁃ Laptops/Computers: Find “Zoom Client for Meetings” and click the Download button. Allow the download to use your microphone and camera.
    ⁃ You can also join the meeting by conference call from your phone. No set up needed.
  • IF YOU ARE NEW TO ZOOM, you may want to review this video which provides an overview about joining Zoom meetings.
  • Before the class time you will receive a link from your instructor by email. (If you don’t receive an email, please check your SPAM-filtered mailbox as it might arrive there.) Join your class meeting every week with the same link provided by your instructor.


  • Find a quiet place for your yoga practice.
  • Gather props like a mat, yoga blocks, blanket. A few minutes before class time, click on the link to take you to Zoom and join the meeting.
  • You will see the instructor and she will see you too if you have a camera on your device. Otherwise, you will only be able to hear the teacher.
  • We will have some time to visit before class starts, then the instructor will mute participants microphones for the hour of practice (so everyone will not be distracted by any background noise.)
  • After class, the teacher will un-mute everyone to say goodbye.

Thank you for being a part of the Sun Moon Yoga community and joining us in a new virtual yoga space as we practice ahimsa, non-harming through social distance.