A single candle flame can be your fire ceremony.
A single bell can be your call to the temple of presence.
A single breath can connect us to each other and humanity.
A single word can change or calm your mind.

PUNCHCARD STUDENTS!  Register for SUMMER Virtual Classes NOW

Dear PUNCHCARD Students:
This summer, Sun Moon Yoga will continue to offer classes online only.  We will honor the remaining value of a paper punchcard with a virtual class punchcard.

WHAT TO DO: Send a message to Mona Ceniceros (info@sunmoonyogastudios.com) that you would like to convert your paper punchcard to a virtual class punchpass. You will receive a 10-class pass to use when you Create an Account at sunmoonyoga.punchpass.com where you may register for online classes. For each online class you’ll receive a link, via email, to a Zoom meeting.

PLEASE NOTE: All punchcards (paper and virtual) expire 9/1/2020