YOU sustain Sun Moon Yoga

Yoga benefits most with consistency, discipline.  We support this by offering students who commit to a Studio Class (same time each week) our best per class rate on our highest quality classes.

Sun Moon Yoga Teachers in Horse Pose

HOW? You may:

  • See our Studio Class Descriptions; print a copy of our Winter 2019 Class Schedule (PDF).
  • In person: Come a few minutes early to the class you want to join; fill out a registration form and pay check/cash with the teacher at your first class.
  • You may print out a registration form (PDF) to MAIL: 615 S. Front St, Mankato; or bring in with check or cash.
  • Early Bird Gratitude Discount — We appreciate our Studio Class students! Twice yearly we offer $20 discount on pre-paid, upcoming, Studio Class registrations.

STUDIO CLASS STUDENTS MAKEUP POLICY (only applies to this student category)
Registered students may make up missed classes in other Studio Classes until the end of the semester.  Makeups may be made in advance.  Excludes $5 Bargain classes – limited to one semester, “makeups” do NOT carry forward.

Taught by Sun Moon All Stars!Sun Moon Yoga All Star Teachers

Winter Classes will take place in our new space in Union Market, 615 South Front St!

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Commit to Registration or Punchcards for Savings!

Our prices favor students that make a commitment by registering to attend a class the entire session.  Our Studio Classes also offer the best instructional experiences for yoga students.   If you want to make less commitment — and pay less than $15 per class — purchase a Punchcard or enjoy $5 Bargain Classes.




Punchcard per class price. Prepay for 10 ($120). Any class, any time. One year expiration date.


Register/prepay for specific class/time each session equals low class rate. Miss a class? Make it up in any Studio Class until the end of the session.

Drop-in to any class, anytime. Check or cash only. No preregistration required, just come in.

Specific classes drop-in, no pre-registration required;  no makeups in Bargain classes.


RESOURCES: Get Registration Form (PDF)  • Get Receipt (PDF)

Our classes run in sessions, quarterly.
Studio Classes run the full session. Specialty Classes run specific dates and times and the class prices may vary.  (See individual class descriptions). Any teacher will assist with class registration at the first class of a new session or Punchcard purchase.


Check or cash only/no credit cards

Our doors open 30 minutes before each Studio Class time.
Teachers can assist you with registrations at the first class of a new session or punchcard purchases.

We have mats to borrow