Womxn’s Moon Medicine: Moon in Aquarius | How to Create and Facilitate Healthy, Healing Womxn’s Circles
Presenter: Jessa Walters

Womxn’s Moon Medicine: Moon in Aquarius

Aquarius is the archetype of the Rebel, the Change Maker, She Who Lives by the Beat of Her Own Drum. Aquarian energy rules the process of Individuation – a process where we become aware of how various forms of conditioning (familial, societal, religious, etc) have inhibited our authentic self-expression. As we become aware of this, we then can begin to peel back the layers of conditioning so that we may truly discover and express our true selves. This individuation process often includes shaking up the status quo! Aquarius welcomes each and every one of us flying our freak flags as an enlivening breath of fresh air and a gift to humanity!

Under tonight’s Aquarian Moon, we are invited to embrace our individuality and the freedom of uncensored, authentic self-expression through organic movement to music. The music will be intentionally selected to provide a felt-sense of freedom-loving, freak-flag flying, authenticity-honoring Aquarian energy.

After the movement to music, we will gather in a circle, with time for journaling and sharing. Please dress comfortably in clothing you can move freely in. Feel free to bring your yoga mat, journal and water bottle. Womxn’s Moon Medicine is led by Evolutionary Astrologer, Jessa Walters.


Day/Time: Saturday, April 27, 2019 | 6:30–8:30pm
Title: Womxn’s Moon Medicine: Moon in Aquarius
Cost: $60
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How to Create and Facilitate Healthy, Healing Womxn’s Circles 

In this 3-hour intensive, Jessa Walters will share a wealth of resources and wisdom on how to create and sustain healthy, healing womxn’s circles, both personal circles and also circles one may facilitate as part of one’s livelihood and gift to the wider community.

For over 2 years, Jessa has been part of a personal womxn’s circle with egalitarian/rotating leadership that meets every 4-6 weeks in Minneapolis. She also facilitates monthly, drop-in Womxn’s Moon Medicine circles at a local yoga studio, as well as weekly Womxn’s Evolutionary Astrology Series groups. Part of Jessa’s circle work also includes Womxn’s Retreats in Bali, California and Minnesota.

In this intensive, you will be provided with a strong and inspiring foundation from which you can move forward into creating a womxn’s circle(s) of your own, if you wish to. We will explore the qualities necessary to create safe space, including ways to cultivate shared power in leadership and the benefits of this power dynamic. Jessa will offer circle theme and ritual ideas, sample circle structures and book/online resources to further individual exploration. This workshop will be partly experiential and partly presentation with time for discussion. Please wear clothing you are comfortable in, and please bring a notebook for taking notes, if you wish.


Day/Time: Sunday, April 28, 2019 | 9:30am–12:30pm
Title: How to Create and Facilitate Healthy, Healing Womxn’s Circles
Cost: $90
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Attending the Moon Medicine event is an opportunity to experience firsthand many of the elements Jessa will be presenting in Sunday’s intensive. The fee for the Moon Medicine is $60. You can bundle the two events together for $150, if you would like to attend both.

How to Create and Facilitate Healthy, Healing Womxn's Circles
Womxn's Moon Medicine: Moon in Aquarius


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Womxn’s Moon Medicine: Moon in Aquarius


How to Create and Facilitate Healthy, Healing Womxn’s Circles


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Jessa Walters


Jessa received her MA in Women’s Spirituality from the California Institute of Integral Studies in San Francisco in 2006. Within that program, womxn’s circle work was core to the learning process. She learned through direct experience the elements needed to create a sense of safety in a circle where deep empowerment, connection and authentic expression could unfold. She also learned what can cause dysfunction in a group and feels it is very important to be aware and address this side of circle work.

Jessa also has extensive training in trauma awareness and sensitivity through the 300-hour Trauma Center Trauma-Sensitive Yoga (TCTSY) certification program through the Justice Resource Institute in Boston. She draws deeply upon her training and facilitation experience with TCTSY in her womxn’s circle work.